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Dutch National Ballet Junior Company in London 28&29 may 14

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The Dutch National Ballet's Junior Company will be making their UK debut next week and will perform at the
Linbury Studio Theatre on 28 & 29 May as part of the Springboard series.
The company is run by Ernst Meisner, a former Royal Ballet dancer for ten years and the programme includes the UK premiere of Dawn Dances by George Williamson created on the company. One of the Junior Company dancers is Michaela DePrince, who starred in First Position.


Read this excellent review here: http://bachtrack.com/review-dnb-junior-company-amsterdam-may-2014


For further information:
For further reading on the Junior Company:
There are still some tickets left for both nights.
Is anyone going? We would love to see you!   :) 
Dutch National Ballet
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I shall be there on the 29.


I was at the Stadsshouwburg in Amsterdam on the 23 Nov 2013 when the Junior Company launched its tour of the Netherlands. That was a very special night and I am one of the company's devoted fans in this country.  I shall be there with my former ward and my sister in law.


I mentioned your programme on BalletcoForum several times over the last few months and I believe that at least one subscriber LinMM has been tempted to see you.


I am sure London will welcome you and that this will be the first of many visits of the Junior Company to this country.  I might hasten to add that if you were ever to add the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre or the Lowry to your busy schedule a Northern audience would welcome you even more.

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Thanks John, I'm new to this forum - I will look into it.


Hi Terpischore, yes I've read your post on your website, it was a very special occasion indeed, great that you could make it! and so nice you will come and see the company again. I am curious about your opinion this time, the Junior dancers have really grown up this season :-) And yes we will be back next year as well, thanks for the advice on the other theatres, we'll look into it!

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. I am curious about your opinion this time, the Junior dancers have really grown up this season :-) ..................


I am looking forward to seeing them all the more and to following them in their careers. 



I'm certainly going next week sometime.


If you are coming on the 29 it would be nice to say "how do". LinMM is going on the 28.


I remember that capybara posted something about this company and I certainly did at http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/5587-dutch-national-ballet-junior-company/?p=71137

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Hi yes I'm going on the Wednesday the 28th and very much looking forward to it!!


Have just looked at my ticket and it's E17 ......didn't realise was so close so hope it's not too close!! Not sure how raked it is in the first few rows or so.

Actually just checked was in row F when I saw Northern a couple of weeks back and that was a great view.

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The Junior Company's short European tour opened in Oviedo in Asturias last night.


Ernst Meisner, the Artistic Co-ordinator tweeted that it was "a beautiful show [last] night. Full house, enthusiastic audience and great dancing."


Something for us all to look forward to.

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