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Lisa O`Brien

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Hello,I hope this post doesn`t contravene the AUP. If it does then please delete. I can`t remember whether I have told people on the Forum before or not about what I think, is THE most fantastic charity out there. Kiva .org is a micro lending site, completely legit,which allows individuals to make donations ,usually of around $25 to groups or individuals in need of financial help around the world. The beauty of the site is you can read the profiles of the individuals and groups needing help, and what they specifically need the money for. You can pick whether you want to invest in a group or an individual, males or females,or a mixed group.You can choose the country you wish to help someone in. Kiva gives out LOANS.They have to be re-paid by the individual or group asking for the money. I have today given $25 to a man in Vietnam who has a wife and children,who needed money to buy bricks and cement,etc as his house does not have its own toilet. He had almost reached his target required but needed one final investment of $25 from someone. Now the money ,via a local Kiva person nearby where he lives, will be able to give the man the full amount he asked for. I have made a good few donations , and I receive an email when a loan has been repaid to me. Then I can either ask for that money to be deposited into my bank account,or ,as I do, I look through the profiles of other people on their website and re-invest it. It gives such a fantastic feeling knowing ,literally, the individual your money is going to, rather than some large,multinational charity who probably has expensive overheads to pay for. Professor Brian Cox`s wife,the American Gia Milinovich told us all about it on Twitter about a year ago ,saying it was the best thing she had come across as far as a charity organisation was concerned and I have to agree with her. If you join,and get someone else to join,you are given a free $25 donation to donate to whoever on the site you wish. It really is the charity that keeps on giving,and I wish more people knew of it. Mods,I hope this post is acceptable as I feel more people need to know of this organisation.Thanks,Lisa O`Brien [thequays] BTW,No, I`m not anything to do with the charity.!

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