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You know it when you see it...................


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The City of San Diego celebrated the opening of a new waterfront park on San Diego Bay.  We went to see what it was all about - and there were quite a number of people strolling, picnicing, etc.


 A  cement walkway led to a large pool of shallow water and because of poor design, in order to reach the other side of it one had to jump over a corner of pool of shallow water - or walk through it and get wet.  Definitely - poor design.  


As each person wanting to cross to the other side approached the problem, he/she either chose to walk through the water, or try to make it by jumping 2-3 times - or turn around and go the long way around.  Many people were upset about this obstacle.


I noticed a young man leaning back against a railing occasionally taking a picture with his camera. There was something so very graceful about him.  He wore trousers, long sleeved shirt and regular shoes  rather than the uniform de rigeur for this area - shorts, T-shirt and sandals.  This set him apart from the crowd - but that's not what caught my eye.


What was riveting to me was the singular grace of his body even just leaning against the railing.  When he walked about taking pictures,  the grace of his movement was arresting.


Finally, he decided to cross over that spot of shallow water everyone was struggling with.  He calmly walked to about two feet of the water and suddenly he was air borne - a glorious soaring grand jeté - a beautiful landing and then, completely unpetrubed,  he continued on his way.

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