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Janet Cram


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No we'll be in Staines in a couple of weeks time even though we live in Swindon!!

ISTD Tap Awards for us this Sunday, hence the trip to Staines for Janet Cram.

Good luck!



That must be frustrating - good luck for both comps!

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Lovely competition today, the Premier section were praised on their talent and told they were all capable of going into the industry. They put five through to the finals, my DD being one of them. So proud, good luck for those competing at the other regionals ????

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We did it for the first time last year and DS was just 10 - he loved it ! The children are separated into different sessions by age .

There was a large class led by a lovely teacher where the children are arranged into lines that rotate and sequences are taught bit by bit . Once the whole thing is learned the lines rotate and a couple of chances are given to perform , sometimes line by line and sometimes one by one.

Boys have slight variations .

Several of these sequences are learned so it's good to be able to pick up and remember sequences if steps quickly !

Then they perform a solo of their choice . Good technique and control is important as well as musicality as you might expect , not neccesarily amazing flexibility!

At the end the panel call out who is to go through to the final, who is specially commended and a class winner is also awarded .

That's all I can think of off the top of my head !

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And quite honestly, the few times I've watched heats (and a couple of finals) I've been completely "wrong" when guessing who would go through/win, so I've got no idea what they're looking at!

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