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Pain under inside of arch?


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I'm supposed to have ballet tonight but the inside of my arch is hurting. Normally I would dance anyway but the creaking whispery sound it makes when I move is worrying me... I don't want to do more damage. Is it safe to dance or not? Any advice please!

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Fiz is correct - and I agree!


Also - check your shoes - including your street shoes  - and make sure they are supportive.  If pain lasts more than a couple of days have it checked out.


The entire mechanism of the foot is rather delicately made with lots of small bones and connections and it not only has to bear  your weight also has to move when you walk.

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Thank you all for your quick replies, it doesn't hurt currently but I'm not going to risk it. It's been a month since my last class and I really want to go but I just realised I need an interview outfit for tomorrow so last minute shopping is forcing me to be sensible!


My shoes are normally supportive but I will check, thank you everyone for your help :)

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