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Arabesques and Arm Position Names


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Hi All. I'm a newbie and I have a question about different method names. I was Russian trained, RAD qualified ten years ago and now learning ISTD imperial ballet (I love all things ballet) and I wonder if anyone can clarify the RAD->ISTD names of arms, including arabesques. I.e. I know bras bas is the same but what about the others and also arabesques too? Any help anyone can give me would be great, thank you in advance.

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Hi balletshorty (love the name!) - As for arms I can help with ISTD (Imperial) ballet! bras bas is the same, as is second / a la seconde, RAD 3rd is ISTD bras croise, RAD open 4th is ISTD attitude (although I'm not sure how they differentiate between which arm goes where! devant/derriere/ordinaire etc), RAD 4th crossed is ISTD attitude Greque and RAD 5th is ISTD En Couronne. I'm pretty sure the arabesques are the same.

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Hi Balletshorty and welcome :)


Gaynor do a leaflet showing pics of all the arabesques and arm positions, along with the respective names under each ballet method.

If you inbox me your address I'll pop it in the post to you :)

As Swanprincess says, the GM ballet companion is also very good and as we sell it I would recommend it! We have more books coming in this weekend and also a sale starting 5pm tomorrow, online and in store.


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