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Vienna Festival Ballet - Cinderella

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Just got back from a very enjoyable performance of Cinderella - an unusual 5pm show.  It is a while since I had seen Vienna Festival Ballet so I did not really know what to expect but I was hooked from the opening number with the dancing mice, cat and Cinderella.  Michaela Griffin danced beautifully as Cinderella with some particularly nice lines in arabesque.  She showed her characters emotions well - from the cheeky servant girl laughing at her sisters to the woman in love.  The stepsisters were a delight - funny with quite distinct characters and again beautiful dancing.  They were Jodie McKnight and Sandra Serey Sampedro.  I loved the music and the costumes but above all the dancing - some superb choreography and fantastic performances from the company.  It was nice to see the theatre practically full - and no distracting rustles of crisp and sweet packets .  Children and adults alike seemed to be engrossed with the performance.

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