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Press Release: Northern Ballet’s Three Little Pigs trot on screen this Easter

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Northern Ballet’s Three Little Pigs trot on screen this Easter

Northern Ballet has once again teamed up with CBeebies in a television adaptation of its second ballet for children, Three Little Pigs. CBeebies Three Little Pigs will be broadcast on Easter Monday at 11am and 5pm.
CBeebies is the BBC channel for pre-schoolers and this is the second time the broadcaster has teamed up with Northern Ballet after it created a television adaptation of Northern Ballet’s first ballet for children Ugly Duckling in 2013. This adaptation, which will also be broadcast over Easter on Easter Sunday at 11am and 4pm, went on to win a Children’s BAFTA for Best Pre-School Live Action programme and was also nominated for a Royal Television Society award.
Three Little Pigs was choreographed by Northern Ballet dancers Hannah Bateman and Victoria Sibson. The dancers featured in the television adaptation are also professional company dancers: Olivia Holland, Sebastian Loe, Mariana Rodrigues, Teresa Saavedra Bordes and Matthew Topliss.
CBeebies Three Little Pigs is presented by popular CBeebies character Mr Bloom (aka Ben Faulks) and includes children from local schools in Halifax and Wakefield. Mr Bloom and Northern Ballet will take the audience on a magical adventure with three very funny little pigs.  In a re-telling of the popular story, they work out how to build the best kind of house despite the Big Bad Wolf getting in the way.
Mark Skipper, Northern Ballet’s Chief Executive said, “Northern Ballet created its children’s ballets to reach people who don’t regularly experience dance, live music and theatre and to perform in smaller theatres and community venues which the Company doesn’t normally reach.
The partnership with CBeebies means that our children’s ballets have been seen by far more people than we are able to accommodate in the theatres. We are delighted that together we will inspire thousands of young children to dance in their living rooms.”

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Ds and I had great fun snuggling up together to watch cbeebies Three Little Pigs yesterday! It was like rolling back the clock 16 years, he wouldve loved it when he was 4!


And we both enjoyed watching this although not quite as much as Ugly Duckling. Nonetheless if we ever got the chance to see this live then that would be wonderful, I appreciated that it was adapted for a childrens programme but would like to see it without the narration.


The dancers were lovely, especially Olivia Holland as the rabbit!

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