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A typical day at a Ballet/contemporary school


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DD is off to do musical theatre & we have a fair idea about what her day will compose of - Jazz, tap, Ballet first thing, singing, acting etc


But we were asked by a friend what a day at Rambert or Central or maybe Ballet West would look like


Is anyone studying there prepared to give us an insight into a typical day?

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When I asked my son who is a first year at central he said " but they're all different" .

From what I can tell they have ballet every morning after a warm up. They are in at 8.15 to warm up 4 days with a slightly later start on Thursday. They also have an hour and a half ballet class on Saturday morning.


They then have contemporary 3 x a week

pas de deux x2 a week ,

Once a week :

allegro (boys ) pointe (girls

) rep boys or girls

Spanish ( mixed)

Singing boys or girls.

Dance studies mixed


They are separate for ballet , mixed for contemporary


Finishing time is between 3.15 and 4.45 but he's doing AS English from 5 til 7 3 evenings a week other AS subjects are at other times eg Saturday pm.


Anything between half an hour and two hours for lunch.


Hope that makes sense .

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From a post about Central in 2012: (unable to get the link to work between topics)


'DS is in Yr2 at Central. He has commented to me before that the boys in the year above him are possibly stronger in Contempory and the boys in his year are possibly stronger in Classical Ballet. So could vary from year to year.

They have 6 lessons a week for Classical Ballet (Monday to Saturday), 3 lessons a week for Contemporary, 2 lessons a week for Pas de Deux plus see below for other types of lessons covered. Day starts for DS at 8.45am but has to be warmed up before lessons start so trys to be there by 7.45am and finishes during the week between 4.30pm-5.30pm or later. Plus any AS/A levels studied are worked in around all the dance lessons. DS seems to survive OK.  :)'

  • Choreography
  • Spanish Dance
  • Pilates
  • Jazz Dance
  • Drama
  • Dalcroze Eurythmics
  • Singing
  • Contextual Studies
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