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Henry V - Liverpool Playhouse

Jan McNulty

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The Globe's Henry V is currently enjoying a short run at the Liverpool Playhouse and I attended the performance last night.


According to the pre-publicity it was being performed on a Globe-style stage but not having had the pleasure of going to the Globe yet I was not 100% sure what that meant!


There was a very simple but effective wooden set that reminded me of scenes from the film Shakespeare in Love. The main surprise though was the fact that the house lights didn't go down.


After a slow start the performance really started to get under my skin and by the end I was held in its thrall. I did sometimes find it confusing that an actor was playing one part one minute, went off stage and came straight back on a someone else in almost the same costume! I did get into the swing of it in the end!


Jamie Parker gave a beautifully nuanced and understated performance. It was almost impossible to take your eyes off him when he was on stage. Brid Brennan was superb as The Chorus and and I was very taken with Kurt Egyiawan's expressive performance as The Dauphin and Lord Scroop. Brendan O'Hea hit just the right note as Captain Fluellen.


Above all, however, it was a fantastic ensemble performance.


I really enjoyed my Liverpool experience of the Globe!

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