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Adverts and workshops

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There was a comment on this thread http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/6440-innovative-association-forms-londons-most-elite-academy-stinson-stage-academy/ that started me thinking


Rather like you have the 'For Sale/wanted' as a sub topic on 'Doing Dance' would it be an idea to have a 'Adverts & workshops' section?  You might have a better name for it but I think it would really help if people actually advertising had a clearly defined place to post rather than using 'Doing Dance'


Mind you I could be completely mad and everyone likes things the way they are.......what do you think?


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I think putting adverts for workshops and summer schools and such like in a separate section is a really good idea.  I have noticed lately of those posts (some are even posted by someone who is probably pretending to be one of the mothers (or being given some sort of incentives), and they do clutter "Doing Dance" section.


For example, a relentless self-advertising for one's  own blog in this forum is felt that it was not something that goes with the sprit of this forum, and an apprepriate measure to prevent this was put into in place and now operating.  I cannot help feeling that advertisments of the kinds Katymac is mentioning should be better received if they were in a separate section from "Doing Dance".



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Thanks Mimi


I didn't want to offend anyone but I think a sub-section like 'For Sale' would really help as if you want one, you go & look; rather than a school posting on 4 or 5 disparate threads - which then appear on screen one after another

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Hello all,


This issue has been discussed by the Committee. As you know, under the Acceptable Use Policy, we do allow commercial enterprises to post regarding goods, services, courses and workshops and in order to reach the most appropriate audience, "Doing Dance" is the best place for these posts. We also have non-commercial members who kindly alert other users to courses etc.


The current "For Sale/Wanted" subforum gets much less user "traffic" than the main "Doing Dance" forum so there is a danger that information might be missed if we were to have another sub forum.


With regards to your concern about postings on four or five disparate threads, we do not allow this under the AUP and multiple "spamming" posts of that nature will be deleted.


Hope that helps,


Kind regards, Spanner

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