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Going to the ballet in Amsterdam - advice?

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Does anyone know how easy or not it is to pick up a taxi after a performance outside the Muziektheater? I know the tram service is pretty good but some of my clients prefer/require taxis.

Also if anyone has good restaurant recommendations in Amsterdam, that would be helpful.

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We very much enjoyed dinner at the Tomaz (http://www.tomaz.nl/). Very cozy and authentic Dutch cooking. I had made a reservation online, which they honored even when we arrived about 30 minutes late because of travel delays (it was our first stop after arrival, while waiting for our lodging check-in).  You also can't go to the Muziektheater and not visit the Puccini Bomboni chocolate shop very close by, which does offer breakfast/brunch as well (http://www.puccinibomboni.com/).  Often, though, we simply popped into pubs on corners and were never disappointed.

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