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Central associate auditions.


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Hi everyone. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of the Central assosciates audition. We have sent off my daughters forms and photos and have received an email saying she has an audition and further details will be sent nearer the time.

Do all applications get an audition?

Is the audition in the form of a 'ballet lesson'?

Are the classes every week?

How long do the classes last?

Any other information would be greatfuly received.

My daughter is 12 so would be a senior I think?

Thanks in advance


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Hello Nancy21,


This thread might be of use to you: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/3022-central-associate-school/#entry35086


There may be others if you use the search function but I can answer some of your questions.


The audition always was in the form of a ballet class; more recent auditionees may be able to confirm if this is still the case.

Classes are every Saturday in termtime.

Details of classes and class times can be found here: http://www.csbassociateschool.co.uk/pscourseoutline.php


If your dd is 12 then she may be in Prep 1 or Prep 2 if successful at audition.


All students have to undergo a yearly assessment which determines whether they are offered a place the following year.


Hope that helps! :-)

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I was wondering if anybody knew how many spaces there are in the Pre-Seniors at Central this year? Or how many do they usually take on every year for this age group?

Hello, Against All Odds!


By "Pre-Seniors" do you mean the Associate scheme as a whole, or a specific year group? If you're referring to the top class, i.e. Pre-Senior Girls/Pre-Senior Boys, it depends upon how many Prep 3s move up, how many of last year's "senior" Pre-Seniors leave (i.e. currently in year 11) etc. So there is no fixed number of places.


If you mean the whole scheme, again it depends on how many move up in each class.

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thank you for your answers. My DD is 15 and currently in year 10, she will be auditioning for the Associates Pre-senior/Girls in May. I was hoping that somebody might have "inside information" regarding how many places will roughly be available just to have a little idea of what to expect. It will be her first important audition and I think I am much more nervous than her! 


Thank you anyhow.

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No,afraid not. As far as I know even the current Pre-Seniors don't yet know whether they have a place next year so there's no way of knowing how many places there may be.


Best of luck to your daughter. :-)

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Against all odds- my dd also now year 10 and applying for Central. I know of a few year 11s that i guess are moving on as the scheme stops at 16 normally. My dd didnt get in last year though her friend did. My dd got into a different scheme and her friend didn't...best not to worry about it all too much just give it a go! Good luck to your daughter, I seem to remember my dd enjoyed the audition last year, not too threatening!

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Internal assessment results have been released yet. My DD is a Prep 3 waiting to hear whether she has a place in Pre-Seniors or not. After Prep 3 they either move up, repeat the year, as DD has been doing, or leave. Last chance this time. We are hoping to hear by Easter week-end.

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