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Innovative Association forms London's most Elite Academy (Stinson Stage Academy)


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International Performing Arts & Theatre is a new association that has developed the most modern and ground breaking Programmes of Studies in Stage Dance disciplines and Musical Theatre. The association has also launched an elite academy that offers two courses that run every Sunday during term time at Danceworks in London's West End aimed at students aged from 11 - 18 costing just £28 a week.


Students will work with the most elite dancers and performers from around the world. To audition for either the Classical Dance Course or Musical Theatre Course, visit www.stinsonstageacademy.com


Alternatively, call 07500 701 521 or text 'Audition for SSA' to 07500 701 521.


The FINAL AUDITIONS are on this Sunday 6th April (Classical Dance Auditions) and 13th April (Musical Theatre Auditions).

£10 Fee

Danceworks, Balderton Street, Mayfair, London

12pm - 3pm


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