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£12 Travelodge rooms available now for Sept-Dec

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For folks hoping to attend winter ballet performances etc. - the Travelodge sale has started (as usual,earlier than announced) with quite a lot of availability, though not much in London (apart from 25th December).



If you don't yet see the details of the sale on the home page, click on the link to 'find our lowest price.'


Details of the above and others at: http://www.moneysavi...als/hotel-sales


No connection to any of the above - just passing on the info.


Yaffa (apologising for not sending this earlier - Am catching up after some difficult months and will try to send a couple of related messages over the next few days).

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Sorry, I meant to say that there is little availability in central London in December. There is still quite a bit of availability outside central London (Ealing, Park Royal, Kew Bridge, Wembley, Fulham, Heathrow etc.) in December, but I expect that will change soon.


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