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Creating a Firebird tutu video


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It probably costs an arm and a leg or as much as 6 tutus - I like to fold it when watching a film (straight into the machine) and I don't notice the time - apart from the top layer, always do that by hand  -I do that with the ironing too  :) That dyeing looked brilliant, bubble bubble toil and trouble  :lol:

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This reminded me of the time when I made a tutu in a lovely shade of pink.  I bought yards and yards of delicate tulle, folded it at the center line, and spread it out on the floor throughout the house - in preparation to basting in a gathering thread along the center line.  So, sitting on the floor at one end of the house, I started to sew.  After a while, I felt a tug - and then another.  I couldn't see the other end of the material since it wound down a hall  and into a room.  


Thinking I had imagined it - I continued sewing in that gathering thread (used dental floss for strength).  But - now without a doubt something was pulling the other end of the tulle.  I got up and walked down the hall and  into the last room and to my horror saw many little pulls and tears in the delicate netting.  On rounding the last corner - I saw the problem.  I had completely forgotten about a kitten we had adopted the day before.  It had been asleep when I spread out the material.  Imagine it's glee  when upon awakening it found such a lovely new toy!


It was busy pouncing on the tulle which delightfully caught on the tiny claws.  It looked up at me with dancing kitten eyes - what a joy it was having!  Such a wonderful new home!  How very thoughtful of its new family to provide this terrific toy! 


I was caught between laughing and crying.  :)

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