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Interesting to note that ENB's Pointe Shoe bill for a year is £145,000 whereas the RB's is £250,000.


On a visit to ENB's shoe store at Marden some years ago, it was explained that ENB's allocation to each dancer was less per week than that of some other companies. I also understand that each dancer is able to chose the manufacturer she prefers.

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I guess the guy's shoes will last for ages?

Actually no although they probably have a longer life than pointe shoes. And they are cheaper too thank goodness!


My ds has to have 2 or 3 pairs per show as being in a small company he has to multi role with many costume changes. And just the last weekend he performed 4 shows so you can imagine the wear and tear on shoes.


Only last week I was helping him repair shoes which will help his company's budget a little. They get no arts funding at all.

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