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Royal Ballet 2012/2013 season booking

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Important news for Premium and Supporter Friends and those booking packages for Period 1. A message has just appeared on the ROH website. Here is an extract:


"As we enter a period of transition from the current website to the new one, you will notice some temporary measures we have had to introduce. These measures will apply to Premium 2, Premium 1 and Supporting Friends, and Advance Package Booking for standard Friends on 24 April, but will be removed before standard Friends general booking commences on 12 June.


Until the launch of the new website it will only be possible to purchase Autumn Season tickets using the Best Available option. Once the website is relaunched you will once again be able to select your own seat. The reason for the change is the introduction of a completely new seat map of the main auditorium that will allow wheelchair users to book online for the very first time."


and here is a link to the announcement:



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From an e-mail which I received yesterday from the Friends, I understand that what has happened is that the introduction of the new seating plan has resulted in the "choose your own seat" tool becoming inoperative, a glitch that was not expected. Consequently we now have to use the old - flawed - website with yet another flaw introduced.Talk about "world class"!


Can anyone yet report their experience of booking under the new conditions?

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On the Supporting Friends booking day the website was just as congested as usual, and it was over half an hour before I was into the site. Fortunately I was able to bypass the online "best available" booking and choose my seats by using the Friends box office telephone line - another near half hour wait, but quicker than the Waiting Room. Needless to say, all the ballet insight evenings, being in the Clore, were already sold out. Otherwise I was able to get all the seats that I wanted. One can only hope that the website will be up and running properly for the Friends and public booking.

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