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The Chelmsford Ballet Company's "The Nutcracker" Chelmsford Civic Theatre

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I took an excursion to Chelmsford yesterday to see The Chelmsford Ballet Company's "The Nutcracker" at the Chelmsford Civic Theatre. Although it was 191 miles each way it was well worth the trip.


Tracing its beginnings to 1947 the Chelmsford Ballet Company is one of the oldest companies in the UK. It is an amateur company but with very high technical and artistic standards. Every year the company presents a full length ballet and this year it was "The Nutcracker,"


Although they engaged the Canadian dancer Emma Lister to dance sugar plum, Richard Bermange (an up and coming choreographer as well as a dancer) her cavalier and Michael Budd king mouse, all the other parts were danced by their own members. There were two particularly gifted young dancers, Amelia Wallis who danced Clara and Morgan Wren her brother plus a number of divertissements. Annette Potter, the artistic director, kept faithfully to the story. There were no gimmicks but one innovation, A lovely street scene outside the Stahjbaums' house.


The company had gone to a lot of trouble with this production, The sets were impressive, the costumes beautifully made, even the programme was impressive. Better than those of many established companies and at £3 rather better value.


The show is on at the Civic until the 22 March. Yesterday the theatre was packed. Chelmsford seems to appreciate this company and supports it and I think the company deserves that support.

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Just a little postscript. The company's patron Chris Marney attended the show on Thursday and tweeted:


"Congrats @Gatsbycat42 what a gorgeous Sugar Plum tonight! & Lovely seeing @MarionPettet @wilsonjessdance & @harleyd63 onstage @Ballet_CBC"


Gatsbycat42 is the twitter name for Sugar Plum, Marion Pettett was Frau Stahlbaum and is the chair of the company, Jessica Wilson danced Harlequin and other roles and Harley63 was Drosselmeyer.


Tonight is their last performance and they have done so well.  According to their blog a DVD will be made this evening.  As a non-dancing associate I am so proud of these guys. I could hug them all.

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