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I saw this televised performance of Fille years ago with Noonez and Acosta. I think that was a top notch production and showed Nonez one a as a great technician and actor in her role. Carlos was the lovable lad. It still for me has dark undertones (the story) which hurt me as a teen over 30 years ago.


I think Ashton tailored it to British panto and styling and the RB I feel own it and do it best.

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Euan, if you can get hold of the earlier RB DVD, Lesley Collier was lovely as Lise. The very first version with the dancers Fille was created on, Nadia Nerina and David Blair, is also available on DVD, but my personal fave is Collier.


I have seen the POB's version of Fille which is very well done, but I agree with you that the RB's is better. Including the adorable little pony.

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I was very lucky in that my first performance of Fille was the one starring Lesley Collier which was filmed.  I saw it again about 3 weeks later at its 21st anniversary performance.  She will probably always be my favourite Lise.  Here was someone who really understood the role and had worked with Ashton on it.  My only regret is that I never saw her do it with Stephen Jefferies, despite  number of attempts. 


However, my favourite Lise/Colas combination has to be Sandra Madgewick and Michael O'Hare.  If David Bintley played Alain, that was a pretty unforgettable bonus. 


I agree that the RB version is the best, but the BRB version is its equal.

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