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Any one play an instrument?


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Just a random post because in bored on a Saturday???? does anyone okay an instrument? I play flute(grade 8) and piano(grade 7)☺️

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I play piano but can't read music so play by ear.


Dd has inherited my ear but fortunately I made her piano teachers aware. Unlike my teachers, hers won't play the melody through first, so she has to sight read. :-)

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hfbrew that's a funny start to the day at least!! :D (by the way little mermaid ticket has now arrived for the 18th April in Croydon!)


I am learning the piano too! Has taken about six years to get to a good grade 4 nearly 5 level! So not much talent for it but am hoping things will improve a bit faster since my new Roland HP508 arrived last month......before that just a 61 key keyboard affair from Lidl!!


My current pieces are Burgmuller opus 100 "the Swallow" and a new more jazzy piece from a book called "After Hours" by Pam Wedgwood.


I really love the Burgmuller book which is now nearly finished and have been waiting to play the swallow for a while since listened to it on Youtube. I also really love no 21 called of all things "Angelic Harmony"

Ive just bought his opus 109 book as well.

What pieces are you studying at the mo and/or like playing Anaballerina?

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