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Royal Ballet - 2013/14 booking period 3

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I received a letter from the ROH today telling me that "booking for single tickets opens on April 8th".   This is actually for opera which is odd as I have never bought a ticket for opera at the ROH.  But I usually buy single tickets for the ballet and no doubt their marketing system picked this up.


But I wonder if this is a new way of assigning booking 'windows' and reducing the pressure on the booking system.  Does anyone know if booking for the RB is also going to be broken down for people buying single or multiple tickets?



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8th April is the general non-friends opening date but Subscription booking, ie for a restricted range of several different selected performances, normally opens a few days earlier: perhaps that's why they say "single seats"?

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Yes I did plus a list of recommendations 'specially for you' which included opera which I don't want, never go to (at the ROH) and can't afford!  Have to say the ROH's Marketing Dept is up there with its booking website designers.


Linda (very tempted to sign myself as 'Irritated of East London').

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