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Ideas for further education for dd at 16


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Has anyone got any advice/experience for dd looking for 6th form next year. I would say she's an all rounder, good standard at all genres of dance (doesn't want full time ballet but likes more contemporary style), can hold her own in singing, and can act. If you asked her what she wants to do it would be an actress but her teachers say she should continue/further her dancing.

Instinct as parents would be for her to do some A levels, although these are likely to be art based - drama if its still an option and art so not sure if a BTech would be more suitable.

She's also not keen on moving away from home (Midlands) so we are a bit limited but I feel if she found the right place with like minded committed individuals I think we could (try) and work on this.

So I think we're looking for good drama, dance and musical theatre ideas.

Also when do we start visiting/applying.


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BTec is much more vocational and is very highly regarded when applying at higher level as the student will have more experience of longer length works, whole plays, whole musicals, long length dance projects. A high academic standard should also be expected. Remember, as with everything else, if the teachers are good the students experience and outcomes should follow suit. It is getting late but not impossible to apply for sept 2014 entry. Depends where you are in the midlands but can recommend Kidderminster Dance course and Worcester Performing Arts both level 3 courses, the equivilant of AS at the end of the first year and A level in the 2nd year.



Aka Taximom

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You will be looking at applying probably from November onwards for September 2015 entry.


the Hammond in Chester is a vocational school which offers a 3 year diploma in either dance or musical theatre - the first year is a common year for both courses.  Entry is by audition.  You can take 2 A levels alongside the diploma (a level 6 qualification) including drama.  They also offer a 2 year btech in drama.


For level 3 courses I agree with the recommendation for Kidderminster.  I don't know anything about Worcester but know of a lot who have been to Stratford upon Avon college for Performing Arts courses.


In Birmingham itself, if you are within the catchment area for the school there is BOA - Birmingham Ormiston Academy.  This is the Midlands equivalent of the Brit school and it is very strong in dance and the performing arts.  Again a 2 year level 3 course.  DD has friends there and they have had some fantastic performances opportunites at the Hippodrome with Matthew Bourne and other touring dance companies.


The recent curtain raiser for Swan lake included students from BOA, Stratford and Walsall - don't know anything about the latter but it may be another one to look at if that is your area of the Midlands.

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