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I recently discovered- new learning, resources experiences in ballet


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Thought it might be interesting to start a thread on things that dancers, parents, teachers etc have discovered which has been positive. It could be a new style of dance wear, a technical tip that has helped with a step, a good piece of advice, a new class you enjoyed or even a conditioning exercise which really enhanced your performance.


I will start with one by saying that I have discovered that a foam roller has radically increased my upper back mobility. Basically lying as if doing sit ups but placing roller under upper back at a point where your upper body can stretch so head and arms reach the floor behind. You can try it supporting neck and gradually build this up to half sit ups from this position.


Be interesting to share new insights as there are so many. You never stop discovering or learning.

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if you are in a school in London, then you have access to a load of free dance resources made available through the London Grid for Learning.


To access these, if you are accessing them physically inside a UK school (i.e. a teacher or pupil) then you should just be able to click on the link and start.


if you are at home, then usually you can only log in using LGfL usernames. You'll know if you have one!


but here is what's available and they really are good, especially for any level dance studies.


1) Balletboyz - Contemporary Dance Project - www.balletboyz.lgfl.net featuring educational videos from the boyz about the dances Encore, Torsion, Naked, Breathe. investigate Maliphant's choreography and, well, much more.

2) Overdrive: An in-depth analysis of Richard Alston's 2003 piece "Overdrive". www.overdrive.lgfl.net

Alston in Overdrive is an essential resource for students and teachers of dance, music and the performing arts.

Developed in partnership with 'The Place', this online resource offers a comprehensive analysis of how the choreography of "Overdrive" is structured, as well as detailed discussion of Terry Riley's music "Keyboard Study #1".

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