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Tutu wonderland, anybody used them?


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I'm looking for a good quality inexpensive rehearsal tutu and stumbled across this site. Has anyone ever bought one of their tutu skirts? I was just wondering if they stick out or do they go all floppy? Thank you in advance and if anybody has any other recommendations they would be gatefully received☺️

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I am doing a three day Intensive with LAB (London Amateur Ballet) in April and tomorrow March 1st they are launching a new website for selling dance wear including rehearsal type tutus as well as usual ones and including skirt tutus that you wear with a leotard etc.


I have been told that they will be around the £50 mark. I know they will have sizes 8-10 and 10-12 (and hopefully for me 14-16!!)

I don't know how old you are anaballerina or whether you are buying for a child and so on as I don't think the LAB will be selling children's sizes at any rate.


Otherwise as some others have suggested Just Ballet (based in Southend) should be able to provide you with one at a reasonable cost.

As soon as I have seen the LAB website tomorrow and what's available etc will report back!

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Hi Anaballerina

Our pancake practice tutus are available in black or white and I promise they won't flop! They are made from very stiff net and are tightly tacked to keep their flat shape. £40 each

Romantic tutus are 4 layers in white on a cotton Lycra pant £25 :)

Hope this helps x

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