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Importance of Dance to Health


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This would probably be better in the Doing Dance thread.

I have completed this but although I consider dance to be a form of exercise it seems to be quite difficult in the survey to separate this. Personally I do dance classes because I love to dance......not primarily just because I want to exercise! There is the artistic side of dance which goes beyond just exercise. I would just go swimming if I just wanted to exercise for its own sake.


Also although I definitely feel it generally contributes to ones health this is a by product ......not a main aim for doing it for me!

However Dance has risks too......so one can get injured which may not be so healthy!


I have discovered that as an older person doing Ballet I have managed to improve my bone density scores.....so worth the odd bit of ankle probs which usually improve after 6-8 weeks!!

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Thank you for your feedback LinMM. This is very helpful. There is a thought that there is already an emotional connect with dance and health but I wanted to highlight the importance of dance in health/exercise terms.


taxi4ballet I am hoping for replies from anyone involved with dance whether they are professionals, beginners or parents of dancers.



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