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Free Live Relay - Mikhailovsky / Duato Romeo & Juliet - Mar 5 - Osipova / Sarafanov

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There will be a free live relay of the Duato Romeo & Juliet created for the Mikhailsovsky Ballet starring RB principal Natalia Osipova and Mikhailovsky principal Leonid Sarafanov (who have oft been a great dancing partnership in the past) on March 5th at 7.00 pm local St. Petersburg Time which, by my calculation - never certain - is 1500 / 3.00 pm GMT/local time.  


Ref:  Mikhailsovsky Website : http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en/afisha/performances/detail/467522/


The stream will be available on several web sites, including the Mikhailovsky's own and the site of Paraclassics. Apparently the performance will also be available later for viewing on demand.





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Sonik, do you know if it is completely safe to instal this 'free plug-in' (Microsoft Silverlight)? I'm suspicious of anything free!

Silverlight is an official Microsoft product and is safe to download. It's free because Microsoft was trying to break into a market that was held by Adobe flash.


It's a little disappointing that Silverlight is needed to watch though, pretty much counts out iPads and macs (there are a few things one can fiddle around with, but they are mostly way to slow to watch anything) and I won't be able to watch unless I decide to stay late at work....

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