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Help needed re photo

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I am trying to upload an old B&W photo as I can't identify the ballet and thought someone on the website might  be able to help me. But when I tried it on the Test thread I received the message "cannot upload this extension' though I can see it when I paste it into the reply box.  What type of graphic file is acceptable?  I don't use Flickr or any other online photo archive and I'm not sure I should put this photo into something like that as there might be a copyright issue.


It's an old photo, not sure where I originally saw it as I only discovered it on an zip drive disk.


Any help would be much appreciated.





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It is a rather bizarre behaviour and inappropriate message. In fact, as you've found, you can't put images directly into forum posts and do need to add them via a photo archive utility.


As far as the copyright issue goes, if in copyright it would be no better posting an image here than on Flickr or elsewhere.

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