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Ivan Nagy RIP

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Maina Gielgud has just posted on Facebook the sad news from Budapest that Ivan Nagy, the great Hungarian danseur noble has died.  Apparently it was announced after the performance of "The Merry Widow" by the Hungarian State Ballet last night.  My strongest memories of him are a glorious performance of "Swan Lake" with Natalia Makarova just after her defection (I remember her once saying in an interview that he was her favourite partner) and as the very genial Artistic Director of English National Ballet for a short while.


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Very sad news indeed.  He was a lovely dancer who had real feeling, and a perfect partner for Makarova.  In her 1980s TV series about ballerinas she used him a lot to demonstrate how it should all be done.  RIP, but he has left a fantastic legacy for those following in his wonderful footsteps.

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