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Bittersweet day


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My DD has been attending the same dance studio since she was 2.5 years old, so over 13 years. I've been driving that route multiple times a week for so long that I swear my car knows the way by itself. But I'm just about to go and pick her up from her very last lesson there.

It's absolutely brilliant news in a way - the studio isn't closing, just moving premises, and amazingly the new premises are within walking distance of our house, which will make my life so much easier - but it's sad too. There are so many memories for us within that building, I can't help feeling sad and suspect DD and I may shed a few tears on the way home. My usband thinks I'm bonkers, so thought I would share with you guys instead. :):(:):(:unsure:

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I have to say that I was very pleased that one of my students did a summer course at the Barons Court premises of the Royal Ballet School, before they moved to Covent Garden.  It gave me a chance to revisit the school where I had spent three amazing years and he was actually very excited at knowing that he was dancing in the same studios that I had!   I had even told him of the wondrous occasion when I had done a series of triple or quadruple pirouettes on pointe in one of the studios (a feat sadly never to be repeated) and showed him the exact studio where it had happened!  Happy Days!

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Thanks for sharing that Pups mum buildings are important parts of our lives and we can get attached to them like anything else.

It's like seeng ones old school demolished to make way for a block of flats etc!!


I also think there are probably quite a few husbands and partners out there who think we're just a bit bonkers sometimes!

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