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Ballet workout in London


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Could anyone recommend a good ballet workout for adults? I really would like to improve my posture and strengthen the core. I love ballet from the early age and heard that it really helps to develop flexibility and posture.


Thanks a lot!



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Hello Olivia and welcome to the Forum.


There are several threads about adult ballet:











You may want to have a read through these - some of them mention classes in London.  The forum also has a useful search facility.


I'm sure our members will be able to chip in too.


Please let us know how you get on.

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I really like ballet workout classes with Ballet Body Sculpture. It's really fun ballet class for ladies, body feels well conditioned and toned after. I love ballet and tried many ballet classes for adults, but this is definitely my favorite, especially as you get quite a lot of attention from the teacher, it sets the back and posture really well! They also use NLP (neuro linguistic programming) which I found as a really unique combination. I attended a number of classes when I was on business trip in Zurich, but I think they have some classes in London too, here is a link:



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