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RDB Manon insight programme live-streamed 10 Feb

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The RDB is showing a live-stream of its introduction to Manon on Monday 10 Feb at 19.00 UK time on kglteater.dk/live


Dancers listed as taking part are Alexandra Lo Sardo (Manon), Alban Lendorf (des Grieux), Mads Blangstrup (Monsieur GM) and Benjamin Buza (Manon's brother). It lasts about an hour


No guarantee that it can be seen outside Denmark, though...

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I came in just as the coaching session on the big 'pas d'action' scene was finishing - a great pity as I was fascinated by the detailed direction for each of the lifts (and so sorry it finished just before Manon took her famous 'dive'  into the crowd of men).  This section was  in English and none of the dancers had any trouble at all understanding what the English coach was saying and neither did the presumably largely Danish audience, to judge by the occasional laugh. 


Makes one rather shamefaced about being monolingual.

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