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Can someone reccomend a dance shop in the Manchester area?


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It's not for ballet but jazz shoes


A student at the musical theatre/drama classes I run is wearing unsuitable shoes


They are supposed to be wearing black split sole jazz shoes.


Last year she was wearing black capezio jazz trainers which were ok for class but we ended up having to lend her a pair for a performance where she was wearing a very traditional costume


This year she turned up wearing a white pair of what I would class as jazz trainers but her mum

Insists were sold as jazz shoes (they are Bloch amalgam). I thought it was because maybe she needed white for another group she belongs too but it's apparently because they were the only pair in the "specialist shop" that fitted as she has narrow feet


They were expensive & she bought another pair ofcthe capezio too so they won't replace them until she has grown out of them


So I could do with a shop I can send kids too where they will sell them the right shoes (I don't care what brand etc). Surely ordinary split sole jazz shoes are a standard uniform item.


I've had a bad experience with Stage Door in Stockport & the shoes I buy in bulk from Dance Depot arnt suitable for her awkward feet (I can't afford to keep stock of all the different styles in as 90% of the kids just want the basic cheap ones )

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My dc has very slim feet. Lisa at www.danceandleisurewear.co.uk managed to get us a pair of bloch ss black modern shoes with front elastic (rather than the side panels). I think these may not be a current product as they weren't on the web site. They fit a lot slimmer. I can look at the product code if would be useful....

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Fit to dance in manchester seem well stocked. They have 2 shops one is 58 Port Street in the Northern Quarter, and the. Other is

69 manchester road Altrincham.


They do have a website fit2dance.co.uk which might be worth a look.

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If you know what Bloch styles suit narrow feet, they may be able to source them if not in stock and send them on via mail order, as a large part of the business is mail order. I understand that they have supplied RBS pupils with pointe shoes via mail order (once fitted and approved).

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