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soaking wet pointe shoe.......help!

happy days

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Just got back from dancing to find on of my dd pointe shoe dripping in Orange juice.  Will this mean they are ruined.  It is obviously a different looking colour to the other one but not sure if that's just cause it is wet or stained orange.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would say shellac might help or pointe shoe glue as I know someone who was rehabbing from injury and wore hers in the swimming pool. She used the shellac pre getting them wet but worth a try. Depends where they are wet really and how wet:)

I have never heard of that Balleteacher - is it common practice ? (the pointe work underwater bit) x

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Make sure you put them on a radiator to dry out for a couple of days first before trying anything.


Not typical practice but poor dancer was so scared of going back on pointe after an injury that she used shellac in her shoes and tried in a pool first. It apparently helped her to have the confidence to perform on pointe again. Not recommended for pointe shoes but the theory and rationale in this case was sound.


You can do a lot of ballet and pointe strengthening (without shoes) in the pool. It is also brilliant for practicing small jumps and batterie.

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