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Hi everyone, hope this works as it is my first go ! Just wondered what the likelihood of getting a funded place is for a friend, her dd was at the Tring MDS final and was given a physio check but placed on a reserve list. I am sure that this is the time when people drop out, change their minds etc but it struck me that I've never heard of anyone get an offer of funding, having been on a reserve list. Or does everyone get put on a reserve list?

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Hi tutugirl

Firstly welcome to the forum :)

It is my understanding the places do come available as people make other choices and get other offers... I thought people on the reserve list had to ring the school on Monday to find out where on the list they had been placed!!! I think it's a positive that your friend was screen at the funding final :)

Good luck


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Definately know of people who have got funded places from the reserve lists at Tring (both LS and 6th form) and other schools in previous years. Don't give up hope just yet. Also no harm in phoning for an update, shows you are still interested and you've got nothing to lose!

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Welcome to the forum Tutugirl :D


See - posting wasn't that scary was it?!


Remember to search for topics you're interested in - unfortunately we had to move the forum so have lost a lot of "old" useful information, but this one's been so active recently we've covered lots of stuff already!

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