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Does anyone know where the info that used to be on the ROH website about repertoire (ie repertoire that isn't in the current season) and choreographers (Ashton, MacMillan) is now lurking, if it's there at all? Also all those great videos they used to have of rehearsals, insight evenings, etc. etc.?

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Also if you click on individual dancers you can find all sorts of video info

That is true, but it's kind of a cumbersome way of getting at it. I only discovered that by accident after I had drilled down to the dancers' page.  The I was looking for Manon, and I had to think, "Who might have danced Desgrieux recently?" then go look for them, then click, etc. etc. Say you wanted to find out something about the mime in Sleeping Beauty, are you likely to know the name of whoever it was that was being coached by Monica Mason in that video? And who's likely to know that other than habitues of the RB? There are people from all over the world consulting their website.

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