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East England RAD Ballet Awards


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Hello 2littledancers,


My dd took part in this event last year and was asked to do so this year, but has had an injury. There was a fair bit of discussion about the day last year: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/3574-rad-competitions-tomorrow/?hl=%20east%20%20england


People had mixed views of the way the day was run, and there are some aspects of the day that didn't work too well - things like making the first class of each section wait until the second class had finished before awarding any prizes - making it an extremely long day for those living a long way away. I would like to hope that there have been some changes this year.


Taking class with Sandra Madgwick was wonderful though and my dd got a lot out of the experience. I think she would have done it again this year.


Looking forward to hearing about your day. :-)

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Thank you for the thred , interesting reading.

It looks like they have changed the format slightly , Category 1 grades 2 and 3 9.15-10.30am 

                                                                                Category 2 grades 4 and 5  11.00-12.15pm 

                                                                                 Presentation of Junior Award 12.30 pm 

Then it goes on to the senior sections in the afternoon , is this different from last year ? , can anyone give any idea s of numbers and standard and also the average age for 2nd cat Grade 4 and 5 ?

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Thank you Legseleven! Almost recovered thank you but she's taking her reintroduction to class slowly on the Physio's advice. :-)


2littledancers, I can't remember what the grade categories were last year but it looks as if they are repeating the procedure of one set of prizes spread over both classes, which is a shame.

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That's a pity, it would be nicer if they had a set for each category.

Much better. With travelling, being in the first class of a section last year then having to wait until after the second class for the presentation meant SUCH a long day last time. That was one thing I hoped the RAD would change this year.

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