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Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I was wondering for the serious ballet student, what are the benefits and disadvantages of doing GCSE PE? Maybe it will provide a better understanding of how to enhance performance (I would think there is some connection between sport and dance!) but might create a larger risk of injuries and/or use of wrong muscles? Or do you just have to choose your sports carefully and you'll be fine?


Also, would it be a hindrance if you are not good at science?


Thank you, and hopefully the replies will help others too! :)

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I would be really interested in the information as well as my DD has just chosen GCSE PE as one of her options.  The PE teacher has told me that they can tailor it to her needs and concentrate on dance, gymnastics and leardership skills but she will still have to do one team sport as part of the qualification.

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I was given some information about GCSE options, including PE. I believe for GCSE PE you have to perform 4 or 5 sports.


The examination at my school is Edexcel 2PE01, giving that information in case different GCSE courses/assessments have different content.


The examination is 60% practical assessment and 40% theory assessment. For the practical assessment it is made up of 50% individual skills and skills and use of strategies in a game situation or performance and 10% analysis of performance. As for the written assessment you are assessed on anatomy and physiology; factors that affect participation in physical activity and safety aspects of physical activity.


You can look at the Cambridge IGCSE PE syllabus in the website below; not sure but I don't think it's dissimilar to the GCSE course:



Past papers:



If the IGCSE course is somehow different, here is a website to look at to get an overview of what is taught:



Hope I helped!

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Not sure taxi - who knows?

DD is also in the process of choosing her options and is torn between PE and Drama.   At her school it is AQA as the exam board.  60% is practical and they are assessed in four activities in terms of technical performance, analysis of performance, knowledge and understanding of the activity and they should perform a different role in one of the activities ie coach, umpire - also a written analysis of one chosen sport


40% is an exam and it seems to cover a wide range : role of active participant, body type, performance demands, injury, skeleton system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, respiratory/energy, healthy lifestyles and training methods.


To be honest I am not sure how much detail the GCSE goes into or if it does some basics from a lot of topics.  A difficult choice for my DD as she is sporty and as well as playing the game she is also a qualified youth netball umpire which must surely help on the practical side.

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I guess it really depends on what her future plans are.  If she is intrested in using her dance/MT skills then perhaps the drama would be more helpful.  I'm not sure the academic side of PE would help her very much.  It sounds like she already has a lot of sports skills.  Drama would perhaps give her more confidence in speaking / performing


Ultimately I think GCSE's are a springboard onto further study, choose the subject she is more interested in if there isnt a clear advantage in having either.

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One of the year 11s at our school who is doing GCSE PE is a SA - and she is counting dance as one of her sports.  A previous A level student was a world standard Irish Dancer who performed the most amazing solo routine as art of his assessed work. 


However, my non DS only got a D despite being a county hockey player and roller hockey player - you do have to do well on the theoretically based coursework and assignments (he didn't!)    Also, the four sports have to display different skills, so he could only count one of the hockey and roller hockey.   


Musical DD is considering options at the moment, and is in favour of PE - I'm not because I'm worried about the amount of time she may need to devote to sport out of school .  




Edited to add:  I don't think it will make a huge amount of difference which she takes - the one she enjoys most would seem the most practical option, it's a tough enough time already!

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