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Jazz shoes without laces


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Hi Lemongirl, 

Bloch do some with an elastic panel either in the front or both sides of the shoe.


I think the ones with the front elastic are better if the feet are slim. But I think these may be in process of discontinuation. The code on the packet for these is pure jazz s0461L. My daughter is also a size1/2 and she has this style now and had smaller.  The bloch sizing is a bit odd. I can't see the size in her current pair. I have a size 2 ish to grow into and they are sized M4.5.


Hope that helps- the side elastic ones are easy to find.

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I use www.danceandleisurewear.co.uk for modern shoes. They are helpful on size queries. I find the Bloch staff, while very nice, don't always know the practical stuff about sizing. But if you have a local dance shop it would be a fairly basic stock?...

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Might be worth checking porselli website as I'm sure I saw some on there in the sale (not sure of sizes).

Could they practice on a pair of men's shoes? We had the same with tap shoes and she did get the hang of it with some practice. You could replace the round laces with flat ones or ribbon so they are easier to tie?

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