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Best clothes labels


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I know there was a thread before but it was mostly people saying what they were going to use


I would like some feedback


I'm happy with my dew in labels from easy2name but the iron on transfers are starting to wash off socks & tights. Also shoe labels.


Dd doesn't like labels in her leotards but the transfers arnt too good. I wash & tumble dry them every two days.


I know you can get a stamp, but only in black so fine for her ballet tights & light leotards but no good for school socks, black footless tights & darker leotards


Any reccomendations?

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Fabric Pen is good.  It lasts about 3 months with regular washing and then you can just re-wite.  I always use it on the clothes label so unless the label is black - you are okay. I got mine in mothercare, but I'm sure they sell them elsewhere.  They are great for children who hate labels. 


Sorry no advice about shoes though. 

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I have found the iron on labels from Mine4sure very good on socks, tights and laotards. Just two of them have come off, one from a silky manufacturers label inside a jacket and one from a very fluffy fleece ( I didn't think I'd put that one on very well when I did it, don't think the iron was hot enough) the ones one socks, tights and Leos are still looking good.

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Easy2name iron on are fab (even on socks) as long as you let them cool completely before you peel the paper off. I have realised this through trial and error! If you rush the peeling bit, they will go in the wash!

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