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Changes to the Ticket Exchange forum

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Following a member’s suggestion we have introduced a new system for posting bona fide special offers from commercial organisations on ballet and dance tickets. These can now be found in a thread entitled SPECIAL OFFERS for tickets pinned at the top of the (renamed) Ticket Exchange & Special Offers forum.


Any thoughts about this? If so we'd like to hear, so post them here.

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Okay, well, I totally managed to miss out on Gail's posting about 2-for-1 for RB cinema broadcasts in the Telegraph last weekend, because by the time I looked at the top forum entry it had been displaced by a ticket sale offer. I guess I would have done so for her ditto for MArco Spada offer had it not been that I'd left the Chromebook open on that page and it automatically updated.


Any more feedback?

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I'd personally prefer to see each event in a separate thread (with instructions to people to provide a clear subject line). That way, people casually browsing the forum can decide if the thread/message is worth opening, and there can be discussion within a particular thread about possible other ways of obtaining cheap tickets for the same event. (But I do appreciate the concern about keeping commercial threads to a minimum in what is primarily a community, not a commercial, forum - and of course any commercial affiliations to the organisers or ticket sellers should be disclosed by the poster.)



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