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Little girl with leukemia urgently needs help


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I came across this story whilst checking out the news on aol. It was a YouTube clip called "swab for Margot" A little girl aged fourteen months who has not one but two types of leukemia and desperately needs stem cells from a suitable donor. I watched the clip in tears and immediately went online and signed up to be a donor. It is very simple to sign up and they send you the swab test kit which you can do at home and then simply post off.


At a time when hundreds of us are anxiously awaiting audition results this family are anxiously awaiting life saving treatment for their precious daughter. Please check it out and sign up. I have no idea how to put a link on here but maybe one of you could do that.

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The website is www.deletebloodcancer.org.uk I`m afraid I don`t know how to put up the link either. But will certainly look into this and pass on the info to people I know. We are all on this  forum for either our child`s or our own love of dance. But yes,there are far more important issues facing some families,sadly.

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