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Upper school audition results 2014


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Hello all!

Well it has started WELL for DD!! She has an offer of a place at Northern Ballet School in Manchester - so a positive start to the audition process for her and WELL DESERVED! (she is a genuinely nice girl who has had it very tough the last few years..)

Waiting on 2 letters and 4 more auditions to go....

Best of luck all

F x

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Congratulations on your daughter`s success,Frangipani.Where else has she auditioned for?

Quite a lot as wasn't expecting to get anywhere!!!! Royal, Elmhurst, ENB, Central, Ballet West and School of Ballet Theatre UK.... done 3 auditions (including Northern) - waiting on 2 letters and 4 auditions to do...... xxx

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Fabulous news Frangipani. Well done.


It's a difficult time not only for the DC's but also for us poor parents. I was in your position last year. It's great to have at one positive outcome it gives you faith for the remainder of auditions/results.

DD now living the dream and loving every minute of it. As a previous non-vocational Mum it's a big change for us both. The work ethic required is phenomenal.


Fingers crossed for all your DD's x

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