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Hello Sarahw,


My DD is currently in the Senior group at Northern Ballet and loves every minute of it! She has classes in classical ballet and body conditioning, contemporary and pointe/variations each week and says that she thinks there are about 25 in her class. The facilities are excellent, with beautiful light and spacious studios.


I don't feel qualified  to comment on the quality of the teaching myself, but she feels that she has made good progress, particularly in terms of posture and always comes away from a session saying that she has learnt something new.


My DD had only done a couple of contemporary workshops before she started at Northern and found it quite challenging at first, but really loves it now.


One highlight for her is seeing members of the company either practising in another studio or walking around the building.


Although they do not have to re-audition, the associates have two assessments a year, one in February where any areas for development are highlighted and another in May.



For parents there is a nice café in the building itself and all the many attractions of Leeds just a few minutes walk away!


If there's anything else you'd like to know, please feel free to PM me.

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I know that  Northern Ballet offer a range of Open days prior to the closing date of application so that prospective students can have a look.  We have been to a couple of open days and they have been good fun.  I know a number of intermediate associates and a young lady on the CAT programme at Northern ballet and they all enjoy it and have improved immensely.  It's well worth applying.  Good luck!

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