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Northern Ballet - Three Little Pigs on Tour (Ballet for young children)

Jan McNulty

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Here is the press release that contains the tour dates:





I saw this piece during its premiere week in Leeds last year and it is a delight.  All the youngsters in the audience were entranced (and so was I!).

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But "The Three Little Pigs" aren't coming to London. :(


The nearest they'll be is Milton Keynes which is too far for Auntie Terps to take her 3 year old nephew who lives in London.


He's such a sweetie. I think he might be good at ballet because he has such an expressive face and can manage an arabesque without wobbling or even knowing it's an arabesque. His mum tells me not to be so silly because all kids can do that.  That may well be true but even if he doesn't want to DO ballet he can at least learn to ENJOY ballet.


Ah well! There's always English National's "My First Ballet: Coppelia" at the Peacock I suppose,

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