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Hamburg Ballet School - info needed


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DD2 has decided she would like to audition for the Hamburg Ballet School starting in September. I know that it has a good reputation but since she's only 14, it would have to have more than a good reputation for us parents to feel it's worth letting her go so young so far... Does anybody has more information first or second hand about it? Anything, bad or good, would help...

Thanks a lot!

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I visited Hamburg Ballet for a few days in 2009 and as part of that was shown around the school. I was focused on performances but did a kind of travelogue on the trip and that has some words about the school, the overall feel around the company and Hamburg itself:



I have no experience of a teenager there but if I did have a dancing young person in the family I'd have no worries re the schooling and city. I also like it that the school is in the same building as the company - feels more integrated. The company itself is full of seriously good dancers.

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A couple of dd's friends are there and they are very happy. My dd auditioned earlier in the year an was a no :(. All of her group got a no. After the audition they saw Svetlana Z walk by so it was worth being there she said. They were told by someone that the school was working toward being the top school and we're only accepting the best of the best.


If your dd wants to go there it would be an amazing opportunity for her if she was successful!

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