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Chantry Dance Company

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In 2014, Chantry Dance Company is launching a Pre-Professional Foundation Course for students of 16+ who are considering a career in dance or performing arts. The course has been designed to offer a unique opportunity to:
experience professional life by training alongside a working UK dance company,
* participate in intensive, studio-focussed learning.
The curriculum is broad-based, covering all major dance techniques, as well as acting, singing and other areas of industry knowledge. This provides a foundation for many aspects of the performing arts industry, and is suitable for students who are looking to make a career in sectors such as:
Contemporary Dance, Commercial Performance, Musical Theatre. 
The course is divided into 2 parts.
FIRST PART -  1 term part-time training with the company
Here students take class with Chantry Dance Company's professional company during their touring season, as well as observe rehearsals. This provides a unique and vital experience of what life is like within a professional company, whilst gradually building stamina and developing technique. 
SECOND PART -  2 terms full-time studio-foccussed training
Here students engage in studio-based work independent of the company. The sole focus is the students’ technical, artistic and personal developement as dancers.

Classes include:
Ballet - Jazz - Contemporary - Singing - Acting - Musical Theatre -Acrobatics - Improvisation - Audition Practice - Anatomy - Nutrition - Choreography - Commercial Jazz - Tap
Individual Tutorials and Career Guidance is also given. 
All tutors are from Chantry Dance Company or industry professionals.

The course is designed to bridge the gap between recreational level dance school training and full-time vocational training or professional work. It is suitable for recreational-level dance school students of 16+, or for students who may have already completed some form of higher-level dance education but are looking for further training to develop their practical skills.
To find out more about the course, please visit:
For more information, please contact us:
Email: education@chantrydancecompany.org
Tel: 07989 588038
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Hello Chantry Dance,


Thank you for your post. In accordance with the "Commerce" section of the Forum Acceptable Use Policy, may we please ask you to add your contact details into your signature as detailed here:


"Members who have commercial interests must indicate that by adding a Signature line to their postings, stating the name and type of their business and giving their website and/or business email address for enquiries. (You set up a Signature via My Settings in the dropdown menu under your name.)

If members wish to contact businesses, associate schemes or other commercial enterprises this should be done via the vendor’s website or email, not by starting threads on the forum."


Any questions, please do ask.


Kind regards,

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Dear Swe,


       Thank you for your query on our post regarding our Foundation Course. The part-time section of the course's hours will vary. During the early weeks of this section you will dance for between 1.5-3.5hours per day, but also engage in watching/engaging in company rehearsal for around 1-2hours as well. As the weeks progress, you will build up to dancing between 3-6hours per day.

        In the full-time part of the course, you will have lessons from 9:00am-3:30pm and additional tutorials afterwards as well. I hope this answers your questions. If you have any further questions, please email me at: rae@chantrydancecompany.org


Rae Piper

Co-Artistic Director, Chantry Dance Company
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