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Accommodation discount up to £175 (airbnb.com)


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airbnb.com lets people rent out spare rooms, full apartments and houses. They are offering first-time bookers up to £175 off one night in any booking of two or more nights (excluding fees etc) if you book by 17th January for stays up to 31st March and use the discount code ONENIGHT. You can't use this code with any other offer.

NB: There's some confusion about whether bookings need to be completed or initiated by 17th January to qualify for this particular discount. For most of the rooms on airbnb.com, you don't get an instant confirmation: the host must agree to accept the traveller and there's sometimes an email exchange between them which can take a day or two. 
I've found this service generally works very well. (Many people I know now search airbnb.com before looking at hotel sites.) But despite the company's systems to verify the host and traveller and some other safeguards (e.g. having host and renter rate each other after each transaction), you do have to be careful and read the small print: safety, legal, liability and practical considerations can be different from hotels etc. Horror stories of rentals gone wrong get a lot of publicity but are probably few and far between. Of more concern to ballet visitors might be the practical things that can go wrong in any home (e.g. hot water not working for a shower the morning of an important audition, or a confusion about arrangements to pick up a key when an evening performance doesn't end on time). I'd personally only go for rooms and hosts which already have a reasonable number of good rankings.

Of course the service can also be useful for folks who want to earn some extra money by renting out rooms in their own house. The company also has a nice refer-a-friend programme which will get you credit towards future stays - see: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/help/question/84.
Yaffa (just passing on the info - Like most airbnb.com customers, I am signed up to their referrer programme above, but am deliberately not using my own referrer code here)


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