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Which position might this be?

Ian Macmillan

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The Times is forever promoting this and that via its Times+ programme.  The latest today is a supplement entitled "Learn something new this year" that, inter alia, includes some 2 for 1 Dance classes via the RAD ..... and on the cover is this:




What have they done to that left leg?  Am I alone in thinking that it's a very odd-looking stump?  Photo-shopped to fit the page margin?

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It looks to my inexpert eye as if that is an attitude; i.e. leg bent but the body is twisted. Photoshopped or a funny angle, the end result looks odd.


Edited to add: Just asked dd who thinks that apart from the left leg, the dancer's body and supporting leg look as if she's doing a high developpé a la seconde. Perhaps the straight leg then wouldn't fit so they've photoshopped a leg doing an attitude?

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Terrible photo-shop job, I think...  sectittude derier, shall we call this? ;) I wish they had shown the photo to some dancers before printing.


Then I had a bit of a laugh - I have this image of ballt teachers being asked to demo this pose by those who decided to start learning ballet after reading this article!

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So many horribly aligned ballet-pose photos (shot by professional photographers - but not dance photographers) circulating in the syber space...


I think it just goes to show that one must have a pair of specifically trained eyes to appreciate the true beauty of the ballet line. It seems even professional photographers and graphic designers who have a talent and training for general asethetics don't always get it right.

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