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Elmhurst to provide final year student accommodation

Ian Macmillan

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Unfortunately the information is not correct in the newspaper, probably because of the confusion over the 3 year sixth form. The new sixth form accommodation will house students from 6.1 and 6.2, graduate students will still need to rent privately. But still good news for those going into 6.2 not having to juggle private renting etc plus very close to school.


Quote from the current parent newsletter:


We are already very proud of our excellent facilities and continually look to improve the offer for students. The new Sixth Form accommodation is progressing well. Building work starts in the new year and is due to open for 6:1 and 6:2 students from September 2014. The increased number of rooms will also provide support for Year 6:2 in their very important final year of A Level studies and make the Graduate Year even more distinctive. 

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Wonderful news but what a shame that so many may not be able to go there since the changes to funding. Sorry to bring it back to that but I can't get over the fact that our, now professional, son who trained at Elmhurst, would not have been able to take up his sixth form place there if the changes had happened when he was auditioning.

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